[oi-dev] OpenIndiana build 148 release candidate images

Albert Lee trisk at opensolaris.org
Thu Dec 16 22:31:56 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

OpenIndiana build 148 should be ready for wider testing now. Please
give it the images a spin and file bugs for any issues you encounter,
I'm hoping we can formal release announcement by the weekend.

Text installer images:
Live DVD/USB installer images:
Automated Installer (bootable AI) images:

There is also a testing pkg(5) publisher for image-update available on
request (for bandwidth reasons).

Here is a list of issues resolved in this release:
 	200  	Bug	Resolved	Urgent	up-to-date l10n packages for Firefox and
Thunderbird needed
	203 	Bug	Resolved	High	Keyboard configuration is not preserved across upgrades
	209 	Bug	Resolved	High	distro-import leaves an unnaturally curtailed entire
	211 	Bug	Resolved	High	distro-import doesn't create a slim_cluster
	218 	Bug	Resolved	High	packages to add/remove
	255 	Bug	Resolved	High	Java SSL crypto problems
	305 	Bug	Resolved	High	evolution 2.30 (+exchange) mostly broken
	213 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	bookmark in Firefox still points to old
Launchpad bug tracker
	222 	Feature	Resolved	Normal	Missing Postgresql from pkg repos
	233 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	About OpenIndiana Dialog Displays Opensolaris
	235 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	SMF Service reports zfssnap-roleadd in
maintenance state
	237 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	Evolution Crashes
	254 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	auditset SMF not able to start in non-global zones
	261 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	groff has localization issues when calling man
	263 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	useradd is unable to create home directory
	288 	Feature	Resolved	Normal	New homedirs should have auto_home entries
	337 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	liblcl needs to be compatible with system
	340 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	Some g11n downloads are stale
	495 	Bug	Resolved	Normal	oi_148 and illumos-gate
	192 	Bug	Resolved	Low	Need to package mogrify the IPS vendor strings
	234 	Bug	Resolved	Low	Installer reports incorrect Gnome version (2.28)
	238 	Bug	Resolved	Low	powertop still OpenSolaris branded
	246 	Bug	Resolved	Low	latencytop still OpenSolaris branded
	293 	Bug	Resolved	Low	useradd/del/mod should be ZFS-aware
	316 	Bug	Resolved	Low	dtruss still uses syscall::utime:return
 	339  	Bug	Resolved	Low	g11n build path for xkbcomp needs to be adjusted


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