[oi-dev] Establishing an Art Project

Shawn Thompson superfox436 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 22:09:06 UTC 2011

In my mind, any move to increase the number of tasks available to
non-coders is a good move. So, I have taken the opportunity to
establish an artwork project for OpenIndiana. Note, I am not going to
use the word "team" to describe this undertaking since it implies a
secret following/invite-only/cabal-esque group. I want this to be open
to anyone who can help. While this is primarily intended for the
artwork of the distribution itself, the finished product could be
implemented on other forms of promotional material too.

But to begin the process, we need ideas.  We'd need to deliberate on
themes, motifs, ideas, and concepts. An expandable theme that
emphasizes our purpose. My idea personally would be something that
emphasizes professional strength and freedom somehow, since that would
be an accurate portrayal of what OpenIndiana is all about.

I started a wiki page at
http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Artwork+Project . I am unsure of what
build we should target all this for due to our current lack of a solid
roadmap, but we'll find a way to do this, don
t worry,

So, would anyone be interested?


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