[oi-dev] illumos based OpenIndiana DVD

Andrzej Szeszo aszeszo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 12:38:45 UTC 2011

Hi All

We've been working on getting the development branch of OpenIndiana 
switched over to the illumos core.

The way we are doing it initially is to take OpenIndiana 148 ips 
repository and add few updated consolidations to it. The consolidations 
that needed updating after switching to illumos osnet are: l10n, 
install, solaris_re.

The resulting repository was used to create live/install DVD. Resulting 
iso image can be found here: 

This is not the final iso as few things need to be resolved first.

1. Package version numbers

We have used 148.0.1 as a pkg version number of the updated 
consolidations, including osnet, to differentiate them from the original 
OpenIndiana 148 ones.

One problem with the version number bump is that the default 
illumos-gate builds, which generate version 148 packages, won't install 
anymore, as they are going to be considered as "old" by the packaging 
system. The solution is to add "ONNV_BUILDNUM=148.0.1; export 
ONNV_BUILDNUM" to the nightly file when building illumos-gate or we 
could simply revert the version number change.

It would be good to get some feedback on this.

2. Branding

When building illumos-onnv we have used similar branding patch set as 
when buiding the original OpenIndiana 148 onnv and at the moment there 
is almost no indication that the system is running illumos core apart 
from the "Powered by illumos" label on the boot splash screens.


It would be good to get some feedback on what we should put in 
/etc/motd, /etc/release and kernel banner. We definitely want illumos 
name to be listed in all places but at the same time we don't want to 
confuse users about what they run.

Please let me know what you think.

3. Keyboard layout selection bug

There seems to be a problem with keyboard layout selection when using 
live dvd. US keyboard layout is always used even after selecting non-US 
layout at boot. I'll be looking at this issue now.

Also, Garrett, how much time have we got left to prepare an updated iso, 
so you have enough time to get some media manufactured for SCALE? Please 
let us know.



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