[oi-dev] New developers mailing list

Deano deano at rattie.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 15:12:48 UTC 2011

Hi all,


As discussed in the last meeting, we've created a new developers mailing
list explicitly to help and guide developers who wish to help OI but don't
know where to start.


Obviously the more developers with experience of various parts of the
system, who don't mind answering all and any questions no matter how basic
or 'obvious' the better. Its easy to forget how if you don't come from a
Solaris background it can be very confusing and not even know the right


You can sign up here http://openindiana.org/mailman/listinfo/new-developers

And once we have a few subscribers from the dev team and tested a few
settings, I'll announce it and add links to the main website.


This is just the first item, in a list of actions we will be undertaking to
make the project easier to understand and contribute from the outside, any
and all suggestion on how we can improve initiations feel free to mail the
lists or me personally.




deano at cloudpixies.com

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