[oi-dev] 1686 Bring Xmedcon to oi build, Ask for review

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek jeffpc at josefsipek.net
Tue Oct 25 23:26:31 UTC 2011

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 07:25:05PM +0200, Paolo Marcheschi wrote:
> Xmedcon  is a medical imaging software that helps for conversion of
> medical images expecially Brain MRI images.  I pushed to :
> https://bitbucket.org/paolo_marcheschi/oi-build
> >Ok, here are my comments:
> >
> >- don't commit the source&  build directories (just the Makefile, the .p5m
> >   file, the license file (usually called $(FOO).license), and if you happen
> >   to have any patches then those too
> ok I made the xmedcon.licence

Make sure to delete the source and build directories (hg rm ...).  We'll end
up merging all the commits you make into a single commit, so whatever we end
up with there should be *only*:

- Makefile
- xmedcon.license
- xmedcon.p5m

> >- xmedconrc should be in /etc (not /usr/etc) if it is a global config file
> How can I move to the /etc ? changing the p5m ?

You have two options, you can either add a COMPONENT_POST_INSTALL_ACTION
into the makefile (here's [1] an example), or you can add another transform
to the manifest (p5m file):

<transform file path=usr/etc/(.*) -> set action.hash etc/%<\1> >

Additionally, regardless of how you do it, you will probably want to add
These transforms to let IPS know that the file may be modified by the
administrator and that the default mode should be 644:

<transform file path=.*/etc/xmedconrc -> default preserve true>                                          
<transform file path=.*/etc/xmedconrc -> default mode 0644> 

> >- at some point, someone should open a feature request on the bug tracker
> >   (bugs.openindiana.org) - so that we can use the commit message format:
> >   "<bugnum>  <description>"
> Ok I tried with the new commit

Looks good.


All parts should go together without forcing.  You must remember that the
parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you.  Therefore, if you
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use a hammer.
		— IBM Manual, 1925

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