[oi-dev] Release notes for oi_151a

Alasdair Lumsden alasdairrr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 23:07:59 UTC 2011

Hi All,


If anyone wants to work on this, let me know. Ken Mays - if you're 
seeing this, I think you worked on previous release notes? Do you fancy 
making a start on this if you have time?

 From the issue:

"Hi All,

richlowe and I have been working on getting oi_151a ready for shipping. 
We are mostly there and have a reproducible distro-import that produces 
what seem like correct results. I've tested upgrading a few zones and a 
fresh install of oi_148 in VirtualBox and things went well. We're going 
to churn out an iso and check to see what's broken there, hopefully not 
much. So we're very close to release.

I think it would be very fitting to release oi_151a in ten days on our 
first anniversary - 14th September. For this date, we should aim to have 
everything in place that we need, including some decent release notes.

pkg5 has been updated to quote this URL for the release notes:


I think it's worth mentioning KVM, which is obviously big news, and the 
switch to Illumos. So we should trawl the illumos commit history and 
find some gems worth talking about. Some initial ones I can think of:

New terminal definitions:

New whois tool:

New TCP socket options:

Grub support for large sector disks:

ZFS aclmode property added:

Zone administration enhancements:

Easy access to service log files via svcs -L:

Updated Areca RAID card drivers:

UNMAP support for COMSTAR:

iostat -E now correctly displays disk serial number:

Bombproof taskqs:

Open source replacements for locales, libc utf-8 support and many 
userland tools"

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