[oi-dev] 1535 update gmake to 3.82

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek jeffpc at josefsipek.net
Mon Sep 19 14:45:04 UTC 2011

The current version of gmake is 3.81.  That was released in 2006.  There has
been bugfixes since, and version 3.82 was released in April 2010.  This
change bumps the gmake version to 3.82.  As far as testing is concerned, I
used it to build parts of oi-build.


Oh, and before you ask... I had to remove the rw locale from the manifest
since gmake no longer ships it.  (From the gmake changelog: "One of our
translations disappeared from the translations site so remove it.")



It used to be said [...] that AIX looks like one space alien discovered
Unix, and described it to another different space alien who then implemented
AIX. But their universal translators were broken and they'd had to gesture a
		- Paul Tomblin 

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