[oi-dev] 1461 oi-build quilt refuses to publish due to #1310 pkglint as can't resolve targets

Richard Lowe richlowe at richlowe.net
Sun Sep 4 22:10:29 UTC 2011

> But yes I don't think we should ship to /dev until the pkg situation is
> fixed.

Would be a good idea.  Shipping pkg_166 to anywhere (/dev or /dev-il)
as it currently is is a very bad idea (since it doesn't have the zone
hooks in place to actually function properly, even then)

> Out of all the software in oi-build, there are only a handful of packages
> that needed to be linted.

If it's a small amount, and you're aware of the bugs you might be
hiding (actually, the bugs you're hiding are mostly from not using a
ref repo at all), I guess I think it's merely silly, rather than a bad

The problem is that oi-build needs a pkg much newer than _151, but
pkgs sufficiently new don't actually work properly on OI (though they
nearly do).

I guess you're not adding to that problem.

-- Rich

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