[oi-dev] Request for volunteers: Building LibreOffice

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Fri Sep 23 15:21:52 UTC 2011


Don't place the cart before the horse. GCC 4.6.1 was still in flux and not officially the compiler of choice for SFE (or not officially ready or 'signed off/approved' at the time). The libreoffice.spec came way before then and before the officially approved release of oi_151a.

I looked at building LibreOffice from a 600MB monolithic tarball and the individual package set (much smaller).

My patches related to my work on the large tarball - but I DO NOT advise going down that path and work from the released '' set for now for team review.

I've sent Gary some of my notes so he can continue to move forward.

~ Ken Mays

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Hi Ken,

On Thu, 2011-09-22 at 05:25 -0700, ken mays wrote:
> I did some of the initial work on porting LibreOffice to
> OpenIndiana oi_151. LibreOffice passed all of the basic
> configure checks on OpenIndiana's oi_151a (which is very good) so that
> is not a problem. I worked through 30% of the code using GCC 3.4.3. A
> few of the additional features required 1-2 packages not in OI-IPS -
> but nothing major.

What do you mean you worked through 30% of the code? Your
SFElibreoffice.spec does not include a single patch. Did you create
patches independently of that? Also, that spec uses gcc 4.6.1, not gcc

Can you share your work, so that people can pick up where you left off
and would only need to work through 70% of the code?


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