[oi-dev] userland history problems

Bayard G. Bell buffer.g.overflow at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 17:51:47 UTC 2012

In the course of fulfilment of my request for git mirroring, I've
learned that we have a slight problem in our history: someone forgot to
put a space between their name and the angle brackets surrounding their
e-mail address. There are two ways to fix this: one is to ask github to
disable validation of this data, the other is to fix the history, which
is a destructive change.

Since we're just getting on our feet, I'm inclined to make two
substantial clean-ups in the history, one is to fix these commit
records, and the other is to remove backed out changesets so they don't
show up in annotations (which seems reasonable, given that the net
effect is that no change happened, which to my mind shouldn't have two
records against it for most repository contents).

That means everyone using illumos-userland will need to re-clone for
both mercurial and git. I know it's ugly, but I think this is pretty
much the last point at which we can bite the bullet and clean this up
properly--the other option is a workaround, whereas this is a painful
fix. On the plus side, we'll finally have mirrors of the canonical
available as illumos/illumos-userland.


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