[oi-dev] [developer] How to properly contribute 3rd party software packages for illumos and/or OpenIndiana?

Garrett D'Amore garrett at damore.org
Sat Apr 21 19:02:42 UTC 2012

On Apr 21, 2012, at 11:16 AM, Jim Klimov wrote:

> Hello all,
>  May I ask some questions on how I could help with integration
> of popular software with illumos and/or openindiana?
>  Some of my bugs/rfes deal with "I'd like to have such-and-such
> software in OI repo out of the box"; recent examples include NUT
> and OpenVPN. Say I did this and tested on my systems - compiled,
> made SMF methods, maybe some lower-level OS changes (i.e. shutdown
> handlers for NUT, drivers/tuning for OpenVPN), and personally
> liked the result.

Probably this is stuff that should be in OpenIndiana, rather than illumos core.  The first step is to post some kind of review so that other people can look at what you have already done.  Then we can advise further as to where and how to integrate it.

	- Garrett
>  Then what? How does it get upstream for everybodys benefit?
> What do I send upstream, and how, and to which upstream?
>  Should I make some packaging descriptors (SVR4/IPS)?
>  Should there be some specialized build manifests (i.e. spec-files
> like in RedHat SRPMs for automated rpm-builds?)
>  What is the product I should try to push into the source code
> repository, and which one - illumos-userland, openindiana-userland,
> or are these two particular projects (NUT, OpenVPN) "lowlevel"
> enough to get into the main ON gate (at least partially)?
>  I guess the upstream project won't need the binaries, but rather
> the source code (original 3rd party code and my OI-integration
> patches to it)?
>  I roamed around the wikis, but either I missed the page where
> such contribution procedure is outlined, or it is not there =)
> Thanks,
> //Jim Klimov
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