[oi-dev] hg.openindiana.org housekeeping

Adam Števko adam.stevko at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 01:11:18 UTC 2012


as I mentioned on last oi-meeting hg.openindiana.org was changed a bit. Mercurial-server was installed as it offers better user management based on SSH keys. Instead of creating user UNIX account, people have to use hg account for all mercurial operations.
It allows/forbirs rights based on SSH keys. I have SSH keys of these people already added (the ones which I had access to):

alasdair, aszeszo, buffyg, herzen, jeffpc, jt, lpartovi, richlowe, thanh

Access rights were copied from the setup, which was there previously. To give other people rights, please upload your SSH keys to illumos.org redmine as rules will be created automatically based on the information from illumos.org redmine (I plan to automate this to the maximum degree we can). Besides this, Alasdair, Tenzer and me are the ones, who can grant access for now. I will document this on the wiki. The number of people may change in the future and this way should be used only when the automation fails.
SSH operations will work just for people who have SSH key on hg.openindiana.org. ATM I tracking down one bug with management repository, but if  should not affect other repository access.

I would like people with access to hg.oi.o to test if they can do stuff like hg clone, hg pull and hg push. From what I have tested it worked, but additional checks would be good. Thanks.

There was other minor change and that every request for http://hg.openindiana.org will be automatically redirected to https://hg.openindiana.org. This is to be mainly used for anonymous access to repositories for now. Anonyous SSH has very low priority and could be done at some time in the future.

At last, I am sorry that this email didn't arrive earlier. My other plans for housekeeping are related to packaging mercurial-server and install it from the repository and not by hand like it is now. This is my long-term wish, though.



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