[oi-dev] PostgreSQL 9.1.3 requires OpenSSL 1.0.0

Richard PALO richard.palo at baou.fr
Fri Mar 2 11:33:41 UTC 2012

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Well, from the PostgreSQL site:

> Packages for OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 and 11 are available for
> Sparc and i386 platforms.
> Although produced by Oracle (previously Sun), these packages are
> not officially supported by them.
> Solaris packages are installed by unpacking the compressed tar
> files directly into the install directory; see the README files for
> details.
> The Solaris PostgreSQL packages are maintained by Bjorn Munch at
> Oracle, formerly at Sun Microsystems.

I looked at pkg.openindiana.org/experimental, but I notice it at
0.5.11-1.1 dated 19/112011 while I'm running /dev which is at
0.5.11- dated 13/02/2012.

I was under the impression that 'upgrading' downwards is rather
difficult so when (?) will there be a version of experimental that's
upgradeable from the latest /dev or rather when will /dev have
openssl.1.0.0 is the better question.

On the other hand, perhaps going back to SourceForge spec-files-extra
is an option (or simply rebuilding manually). I'll check into that for
the short term...

Hopefully things will sync back up soon in OI, it's getting rather
long to the next base level...


Le 02/03/12 11:10, Alasdair Lumsden a écrit :
> On 2 Mar 2012, at 05:48, Richard PALO wrote:
>> bad news, the latest binary update from 
>> http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/binary/v9.1.3/solaris/solaris11/ 
>> requires OpenSSL 1.0.0.
> Boo! That sucks.
>> (probably because Oracle compiled it)
> Hmm, I have my doubts, as Oracle yanked all traces of Postgresql
> out of Solaris 11. But who knows!
>> So, the question is  will OpenSSL 1.0.0 make it into the
>> upcoming stable release?
> No, due to the huge number of things the version bump touches. But
> it is in pkg.openindiana.org/experimental
>> I guess one could also ask if a useable 9.1.3 pg release (with a 
>> compatible pgadmin) will make it into the base oi repositories?
> If new versions of Postgresql arrive,  probably only into
> /experimental and thus into the next /dev release after /stable
> comes out.
> Cheers,
> Alasdair
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