[oi-dev] OI in a good PATH?

Andrew Stormont andyjstormont at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 23:15:18 UTC 2012


The issue is not that we're all half-asleep but that we're suffering from
a chronic lack of resources.  What you have to understand is we're still
very much dependant on what Oracle has left us with, and until that is
resolved we won't be making any real strides forwards.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.


On 04/03/2012 22:17, "simple w8" <simplew8 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Im a guy thats in linux world since mandrake 8.0 and always used linux
>rpm based distros, but this time i was going for a change and enter in
>the OpenIndiana/Solaris world, but that has proven to be impossible.
>I was unable to boot and install OpenIndiana in my HD, mainly because
>when booting Oi was not able to recognise my primary graphic card.
>I have a clevo W150HRM based notebook wich haves an ?Intel(R) Core(TM)
>i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz, and thsi machines come with 2 graphic cards:
>- Intel Corporation|Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics Controller
>[DISPLAY_VGA] (vendor:8086 device:0126 subv:1558 subd:1500) (rev: 09)
>- nVidia Corporation|Device 0dce [DISPLAY_VGA] (vendor:10de
>device:0dce subv:1558 subd:1500) (rev: a1)
>and the Xorg stuff (which is too old, thus not providing proper
>configuration) fails to load the main graphic card.
>I did asked to Triskelios (which provided a great help) but with some
>tweaks was only possible to boot X into twm with 3 xterm windows.
>Triskelios also notested that there was not a driver got my ethernet
>card "JMicron Technology Corp.|JMC250 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet
>Controller [NETWORK_ETHERNET] (vendor:197b device:0250 subv:1558
>subd:1500) (rev: 05)", another problem that major distros dont fail.
>Regarding all this was not possible to me to use OI, and im using a
>machine which is almost one year old and even so theres no drivers for
>some hardware, so how can it be possible for a distro continuing
>surviving being so outdated???
>The feeling i have is that is missing some development roamap, some
>directives to follow, to keep the distro updated, and it was very
>surprising to me to see that there KDE was not available, and this are
>very important sides that should be taken care so that the distro
>could atract users.
>Im sending this mail to act as some mind awakening, if OI wants to
>survive it must change PATH or will die, i just hope some can change
>and things can go for the best.
>Best regards,
>OI Fan
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