[oi-dev] Introduction

oi at stephanws.de oi at stephanws.de
Fri Mar 16 10:22:16 UTC 2012

Hello again,

> We would love to have someone focused on documentation. Are there any
> particulars areas of interest you have for documentation? Do you have
> an account on the wiki yet?

I just signed up for an wiki account.

I currently run oi on an workstation and on an virtual server. There are
often things where i want to start something and dont know how because iam
normally using linux. I tried to write about it in my blog  
mostly in german. I guess a good way to start is to improve some
descriptions on the current wiki and add parts whenever i find a problem

I will try to run webbased (apache + mariadb) servers on openindiana, so
servers will be the mostly the topic of what i add to the wiki.



P.S. Iam jstephan at Wiki and IRC

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