[oi-dev] Emulation of NDIS wireless drivers for Windows

Jean-Pierre jean-pierre.andre at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 19 07:33:58 UTC 2013

Earlier I ported Bill Paul's ndis emulator for using wireless drivers
designed for Windows on OpenIndiana for x86_64. This is supposed to be
usable with at least several Broadcom device models, though I only
tested on BCM 4312.

I did not get any problem reports about the ndis.1.3.0.rc3 as released
by Jim Klimov two months ago. This could be because there are no more
bugs, but I may also think there might be other reasons...

So, I am releasing this as ndis-1.3.0, and I will probably stop there
unless I get technical support to proceed further.

Available on http://jp-andre.pagesperso-orange.fr/ndis-1.3.0.tar.gz


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