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I swear I tried the sysidcfg on the wiki page before anything else and it didn't work, but it works now.  So whatever it was must have been operator error!

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On 2013-06-17 03:08, G B wrote:
> Interesting, because no matter what I do it will not work and I have to
> login to the console.

Basically, the sysidcfg software stack relies on presence of a number
of answers on its questions to system configuration - interactive or prepared. If it asks for only some replies, then your sysidcfg file
is incomplete to its expectations (maybe new "questions" were added,
or some data needs more clarification now). If it asks for all answers
on the console, than likely something is wrong with the mechanism or
the filenames it is fed.

See here for an example which worked for me:

Also, when some parts are preconfigured otherwise (i.e. DNS-related
files are baked in) they may be marked in a state-file, so these
questions are not asked again, i.e.:

# cat /etc/.sysIDtool.state
1       # System previously configured?
1       # Bootparams succeeded?
1       # System is on a network?
1       # Extended network information gathered?
1       # Autobinder succeeded?
1       # Network has subnets?
1       # root password prompted for?
1       # locale and term prompted for?
1       # security policy in place
1       # NFSv4 domain configured
0       # Auto Registration Configured

See if it exists in your template zone, and what it contains.
Maybe just removing it might help (use the /etc/sysidcfg file).

Also, to log in to a non-configured zone's OS (before the root
account's password and access rights are defined) you can try
to use "zlogin -S zonename" from the GZ.


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