[oi-dev] Disruption of Openindiana groups by long Subject lines

Magnus magnus at yonderway.com
Sun Jun 23 23:32:05 UTC 2013

On 06/23/2013 06:59 PM, Nikola M. wrote:
> Who is managing Openindiana mailing lists and testing/development groups
> mailing lists?

Nikola, I did some poking around in Mailman. Only *part* of this comes
from the mailing list: the first square bracket block. The rest comes
from the sender, in this case the bug tracking system (which I know
nothing about presently).

With that said, I was able to make an incremental improvement to Mailman
to make its prefix shorter for many of these lists. If the current
developer community has a consensus to get rid of the mailing list
subject prefix altogether, I can do that, too.

> Here they are:
> [Caiman-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #2997]
>  -> [Caiman-team][OIBug#2997] -> [OI-Caiman-Bug#2997]

The change I made would have turned this:
   [Caiman-team] [OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #2997]

Into this:
   [Caiman][OpenIndiana Distribution - Bug #2997]

Everything beyond "[Caiman]" is coming from the bug tracking system.

I'm not actively contributing to this project or using OI anymore (moved
to another illumos distro), but I don't mind going in an working on
Mailman from time to time if the help is needed.


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