[oi-dev] oi-hipster live-cd with newest zpool features

Friedrich Kink friedrich.kink at fkink.de
Sun Jun 29 20:45:21 UTC 2014

Finally I made it on my own ;-). Obviously you sorted out most if not
all problems with the new /hipster-2014.1 repository. Anyhow I was now
able to create again a new ISO/usb image with distro_const. However I
needed to change the slim_install package with metapackages/gui-install
to make it successfull. This is just for reference if not planned or
known already. It looks like the slim_install packages is renamed to
this according to the pkg info

          Name: slim_install
         State: Not installed (Renamed)
    Renamed to: metapackages/gui-install at 0.1,5.11-2014.0.1.0
     Publisher: openindiana.org
       Version: 0.1
Packaging Date: Tue Jun 24 16:11:23 2014
          Size: 0.00 B

Anyhow again thanks forall your quick answers and information.


Am 25.06.2014 06:30, schrieb Alexander Pyhalov:
> friedrich.kink at fkink.de писал 24.06.2014 23:40:
>> thanks for your quick answer, but unfortunately even the latest hipster
>> ISO does not support the latest zpool feature "embedded_data". Is
>> there a
>> plan for a new ISO, in the past new releases were quite frequent? Can I
>> get a description/howto how this ISO's are built?
>> Fritz
> Hello.
> I think we are going to create new ISO soon. But just for now we have
> some problems with this after migration to new /hipster-2014.1
> repository.
> ---
> System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

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