[oi-dev] [OpenIndiana-discuss] Sun/Oracle China's DRM//KMS Sol11.2 port backported to function on old-style gfxp_private from pre-2010 era but still immediatedly PANICS

Мартин Бохниг opensxce at mail.ru
Mon Dec 14 21:04:54 UTC 2015

 Ok, while I didn't want to flood this list with all symbols of all versions and exact details regarding what arrived (or in some cases disappeared) when, I should probably provide at least one complete listing for the latest verion of gfx_private, taken on Solaris 11.3.
Quite some calls also into /platform/i86pc/kernel/unix (which I won't even cover here!)

 nm /mnt11.3/platform/i86pc/kernel/misc/amd64/gfx_private
0000000000000024 T _fini
0000000000000040 T _info
0000000000000008 T _init
                 U as_ctl
                 U as_map
                 U as_rangelock
                 U as_rangeunlock
                 U as_unmap
                 U availrmem
0000000000000020 b Bbss.bss
0000000000000000 b Bbss.bss
                 U bcons_is_serial
                 U bcopy
                 U boot_fb_putchar
                 U btop
                 U btopr
                 U bzero
                 U cdev_mmap
                 U check_reset_console
                 U cmn_err
                 U console
                 U copyout
                 U cv_destroy
                 U cv_init
                 U cv_signal
                 U cv_timedwait
                 U cv_wait
00000000000001f8 d Ddata.data
0000000000000000 d Ddata.data
0000000000000050 d Ddata.data
0000000000000058 d Ddata.data
00000000000000f8 d Ddata.data
0000000000000350 d Ddata.data
00000000000002a0 d Ddata.data
                 U ddi_copyin
                 U ddi_copyout
                 U ddi_device_mapping_check
                 U ddi_dma_mem_alloc
                 U ddi_get_instance
                 U ddi_get_lbolt
                 U ddi_get_parent
                 U ddi_get8
                 U ddi_getlongprop
                 U ddi_prop_free
                 U ddi_prop_get_int
                 U ddi_prop_lookup_int_array
                 U ddi_prop_lookup_string
                 U ddi_prop_remove
                 U ddi_prop_update_int
                 U ddi_prop_update_int64
                 U ddi_put8
                 U ddi_regs_map_free
                 U ddi_regs_map_setup
                 U ddi_root_node
                 U ddi_walk_devs
                 U delay
0000000000000050 d dev_attr
0000000000000298 d dev_attr
0000000000000348 d dev_attr
                 U devmap_devmem_setup
                 U devmap_umem_setup
                 U devopsp
0000000000000f1c t do_gfx_ioctl
0000000000000000 r Drodata.rodata
                 U drv_usectohz
0000000000000350 D ENCODINGS
                 U fb_info
00000000000001f8 d fb_ops
0000000000000b50 D FONTDATA
                 U force_screen_output
0000000000000058 d gem_dma_attr
                 U generic_fb_fill_cursor
                 U generic_solaris_to_dfb
                 U getmajor
0000000000003460 t gfxp_4to8
0000000000001fc4 T gfxp_alloc_from_mempool
0000000000001978 T gfxp_alloc_kernel_space
0000000000002fc0 T gfxp_bm_attach
0000000000000240 d gfxp_bm_attr
0000000000002d84 t gfxp_bm_blt_updtshadow
0000000000003ae8 t gfxp_bm_cons_clear
0000000000003608 t gfxp_bm_cons_copy
0000000000003a30 t gfxp_bm_cons_cursor
0000000000003524 t gfxp_bm_cons_display
0000000000002db0 t gfxp_bm_copy_memory
0000000000002f04 t gfxp_bm_copy_updtshadow
0000000000003074 T gfxp_bm_detach
0000000000003484 t gfxp_bm_devinit
0000000000004138 t gfxp_bm_devmap
00000000000030fc t gfxp_bm_export_fbinfo
0000000000002d5c t gfxp_bm_generic_blt
0000000000002ed0 t gfxp_bm_generic_copy
0000000000002f88 T gfxp_bm_getfb_info
000000000000378c t gfxp_bm_hide_cursor
0000000000003e6c t gfxp_bm_kdsetgraphics
0000000000003e88 t gfxp_bm_kdsetmode
0000000000003e24 t gfxp_bm_kdsettext
0000000000004020 t gfxp_bm_kdshutdown
0000000000003cc4 t gfxp_bm_load_sd_image
0000000000002cb0 t gfxp_bm_paint_memory
0000000000003744 t gfxp_bm_polled_copy
0000000000003aa0 t gfxp_bm_polled_cursor
00000000000035c0 t gfxp_bm_polled_display
0000000000003818 t gfxp_bm_prepare_cursor
0000000000002f44 T gfxp_bm_register_fbops
0000000000004128 t gfxp_bm_resume
00000000000038fc t gfxp_bm_show_cursor
0000000000003c50 t gfxp_bm_shutdown_end
0000000000003b5c t gfxp_bm_splash_shutdown
00000000000040ec t gfxp_bm_suspend
0000000000002f68 T gfxp_bm_unregister_fbops
0000000000003d78 t gfxp_bm_vbios_setmode
00000000000015fc t gfxp_check_for_console
0000000000001ec8 T gfxp_convert_addr
0000000000001ce4 T gfxp_ddi_dma_mem_alloc
00000000000006bc T gfxp_ddi_segmap_setup
0000000000000a1c T gfxp_devmap_umem_setup
0000000000000bcc T gfxp_fb_attach
0000000000000efc T gfxp_fb_close
0000000000000e2c T gfxp_fb_detach
00000000000013bc T gfxp_fb_devmap
0000000000001450 T gfxp_fb_get_fbtype
0000000000001334 T gfxp_fb_ioctl
0000000000001478 T gfxp_fb_map_vga_ioreg
0000000000001784 t gfxp_fb_notify_serial
0000000000000ec4 T gfxp_fb_open
0000000000001558 t gfxp_fb_resume
0000000000000b88 T gfxp_fb_softc_alloc
0000000000000ba4 T gfxp_fb_softc_free
0000000000001504 t gfxp_fb_suspend
00000000000014d0 T gfxp_fb_unmap_vga_ioreg
0000000000001cc4 T gfxp_fix_mem_cache_attrs
0000000000001c2c T gfxp_free_kernel_space
0000000000002570 T gfxp_free_mempool
00000000000019a8 T gfxp_load_kernel_space
0000000000000a8c T gfxp_map_devmem
0000000000001a60 T gfxp_map_kernel_space
0000000000000018 b gfxp_max_mempool_size
0000000000000008 b gfxp_mempool
0000000000002710 T gfxp_mempool_destroy
0000000000001f6c T gfxp_mempool_init
0000000000000010 b gfxp_mempool_mutex
0000000000000000 b gfxp_mempool_pages
0000000000001d50 T gfxp_mlock_user_memory
0000000000001e0c T gfxp_munlock_user_memory
0000000000000630 T gfxp_pci_device_present
00000000000000f8 t gfxp_pci_find_bsf
0000000000000560 t gfxp_pci_find_vd
0000000000000064 t gfxp_pci_get_bsf
0000000000000200 T gfxp_pci_init_handle
00000000000002e8 T gfxp_pci_read_byte
00000000000003c0 T gfxp_pci_read_dword
0000000000000354 T gfxp_pci_read_word
0000000000000428 T gfxp_pci_write_byte
0000000000000500 T gfxp_pci_write_dword
0000000000000494 T gfxp_pci_write_word
0000000000003248 t gfxp_setup_fbcons
00000000000009f4 T gfxp_umem_cookie_destroy
00000000000009a8 T gfxp_umem_cookie_init
0000000000001bc8 T gfxp_unload_kernel_space
0000000000001b3c T gfxp_unmap_kernel_space
0000000000001c8c T gfxp_va2pa
00000000000043f8 T gfxp_vga_attach
00000000000002f0 d gfxp_vga_attr
00000000000047e0 t gfxp_vga_cons_clear
0000000000004624 t gfxp_vga_cons_copy
00000000000047f8 t gfxp_vga_cons_cursor
0000000000004570 t gfxp_vga_cons_display
00000000000044ec T gfxp_vga_detach
0000000000004520 t gfxp_vga_devinit
000000000000518c t gfxp_vga_devmap
00000000000002a0 D gfxp_vga_emulate_vbios
0000000000004930 t gfxp_vga_get_cursor
0000000000005374 t gfxp_vga_get_isa_reg_index
00000000000041cc T gfxp_vga_get_mapped_ioregs
0000000000005250 t gfxp_vga_get_pci_reg_index
00000000000048c8 t gfxp_vga_hide_cursor
0000000000004f08 t gfxp_vga_init
0000000000004be8 t gfxp_vga_kdsetgraphics
0000000000004c18 t gfxp_vga_kdsetmode
0000000000004b70 t gfxp_vga_kdsettext
0000000000004200 T gfxp_vga_map_reg
00000000000047c8 t gfxp_vga_polled_copy
00000000000048b0 t gfxp_vga_polled_cursor
000000000000460c t gfxp_vga_polled_display
0000000000005108 t gfxp_vga_restore_colormap
0000000000004aa0 t gfxp_vga_restore_textmode
0000000000004b3c t gfxp_vga_resume
0000000000005088 t gfxp_vga_save_colormap
0000000000004a68 t gfxp_vga_save_text
00000000000048d8 t gfxp_vga_set_cursor
0000000000004d6c t gfxp_vga_set_text
0000000000004f8c t gfxp_vga_setfont
0000000000004b0c t gfxp_vga_suspend
00000000000049e4 t gfxp_vga_vbios_setmode
0000000000001858 T gfxp_vgatext_attach
00000000000018d8 T gfxp_vgatext_close
0000000000001880 T gfxp_vgatext_detach
0000000000001940 T gfxp_vgatext_devmap
0000000000001908 T gfxp_vgatext_ioctl
00000000000018a8 T gfxp_vgatext_open
0000000000001824 T gfxp_vgatext_softc_alloc
0000000000001838 T gfxp_vgatext_softc_free
                 U graphics_mode
                 U hat_devload
                 U hat_getpfnum
                 U hat_pageunload
                 U hat_unload
                 U heap_arena
                 U i_ddi_decr_locked_memory
                 U i_ddi_incr_locked_memory
00000000000015a0 t is_pci_bridge
                 U kas
                 U kmem_free
                 U kmem_zalloc
                 U makedevice
                 U map_addr
                 U membar_producer
                 U memcpy
                 U memmove
                 U memset
                 U minclsyspri
                 U mod_info
                 U mod_install
                 U mod_miscops
                 U mod_remove
0000000000000010 d modlinkage
0000000000000000 d modlmisc
0000000000001f2c t mpool_append
0000000000001edc t mpool_break
                 U mutex_destroy
                 U mutex_enter
                 U mutex_exit
                 U mutex_init
                 U nodev
00000000000000a8 d old_gem_dma_attr
                 U p0
                 U page_create_io
                 U page_free
                 U page_hashin
                 U page_hashout
                 U page_io_lock
                 U page_io_unlock
                 U page_list_break
                 U page_list_concat
                 U page_resv
                 U page_sub
                 U page_sub_common
                 U page_unresv
                 U pci_config_get16
                 U pci_config_setup
                 U pci_config_teardown
                 U pci_getb_func
                 U pci_getl_func
                 U pci_getw_func
                 U pci_putb_func
                 U pci_putl_func
                 U pci_putw_func
                 U ptob
                 U saved_vbe_mode
                 U screen_putchar
                 U segdev_create
                 U set_errno
0000000000000000 r solaris_color_to_pc_color
                 U splash_shutdown_last
                 U splash_shutdown_start
                 U splash_shutdown_update
                 U splash_stop
                 U strcmp
                 U thread_create_named
                 U thread_exit
                 U thread_join
                 U valid_usr_range
                 U vbios_exec_cmd
                 U vbios_free_reply
                 U vbios_register_handle
00000000000001b8 D VGA_ATR_TEXT
0000000000000024 b vga_col
00000000000001db D VGA_CRTC_TEXT
00000000000029a4 T vga_get_atr
0000000000002c10 T vga_get_cmap
0000000000002860 T vga_get_crtc
0000000000002938 T vga_get_grc
0000000000002744 T vga_get_hardware_settings
0000000000002b14 T vga_get_indexed
00000000000027f8 T vga_get_reg
00000000000028cc T vga_get_seq
00000000000001cd D VGA_GRC_TEXT
00000000000002a8 d vga_ops
0000000000002b68 T vga_put_cmap
0000000000000020 b vga_row
00000000000001d6 D VGA_SEQ_TEXT
0000000000002a28 T vga_set_atr
0000000000002890 T vga_set_crtc
0000000000002968 T vga_set_grc
0000000000002ab0 T vga_set_indexed
0000000000002828 T vga_set_reg
00000000000028fc T vga_set_seq
00000000000000f8 D VGA_TEXT_PALETTES
                 U vmem_alloc
                 U vmem_free

Then again:

randyf at sibernet.com randyf at sibernet.com Tue Dec 1 06:44:23 UTC 2015

>    It's not as moving as you might think.  A number of things were added 
> late in S11 to support non-intel framebuffers, it just seemed proper to 
> have i915 use them where appropriate.  Though not sure yet what might 
> venture into the next version.

See above listing and explain how you think this gets reflected by the actual output ...

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