[oi-dev] [HEADSUP] Perl 5.22 integration in OpenIndiana Hipster

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Mon Jul 27 22:36:55 UTC 2015

We now have Perl 5.22 as our main Perl version. During Perl 5.22 
some old packages, including Apache 1.3, MySQL 5.1 and Perl 5.10, were 

We deliver all perl 5.22 modules which were delivered for Perl 5.16 
earlier. Almost all perl 5.16 modules and Perl 5.16 are kept (the only 
removed module is graphviz perl module, which had conflicts with Perl 
5.22 module).

Removal of Apache 1.3 means that you can't longer build old illumos-gate 
versions. Luckily, illumos-gate builds nicely with Apache 2.2 since 

We suggest you to use either percona-server or mariadb instead of mysql.

Removal of Perl 5.10 is more important. It was a relict inherited from 
OI /dev and still is used in OI /dev to build illumos-gate. This means 
that to build illumos-gate
1) you should have runtime/perl-522/module/sun-solaris and 
library/perl-5/xml-parser-522 installed (they will be installed 
automatically on pkg update),
2) you should set
export PERL_VERSION="5.22"
export PERL_PKGVERS="-522"

in your illumos.sh.

System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

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