[oi-dev] [HEADS UP] Updating from /dev to /hipster-2015 is now can be possible

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Tue Oct 27 14:16:20 UTC 2015


Note to all OpenIndiana Hipster users:* package versions were replaced by 2013.0.0.0 versions, so 
ensure that pkg list |grep '0\.151\.1\.'
output is empty after update (if you use only /hipster-2015 and 
/hipster-encumbered repositories). All *-2013.0.0.0 packages were not 
recompiled, only version numbers were changed.

Yes, thanks to the work of Hans Rosenfeld (Woodstock), now you can try 
updating OpenIndiana /dev installations to /hipster-2015. I specially 
say 'can try' as we have removed principal obstacles, but there can be 
rough edges.

First of all, note, that we have replaced most of the Studio-compiled 
C++ libraries with GCC-compiled (if some are still here, it's not a 
feature, but a bug). So, if your C++ applications used something besides 
system/library/c++/sunpro, it will not work without recompilation.

Second, some packages can be present in /dev, but not in /hipster. Such 
packages should be uninstalled (or added to oi-userland, if you need them).

Now, if you are brave enough, you can try to update your system.

0) Create backup. Really.
1) Uninstall all packages from opensolaris.org publisher
2) pkg set-publisher -g http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-2015 -G 
http://pkg.openindiana.org/dev openindiana.org
3) pkg unset-publisher opensolaris.org
4) pkg refresh --full
5) pkg update --be-name oi-hipster -nv 2>&1|less - look how it is going 
to work
6) pkg update --be-name oi-hipster -v
7) boot new BE and check that you don't have packages with '*0.151.1.*' 
branch versions installed
(check that
pkg list |grep '0\.151\.1\.'
output is empty)
8) ensure that you have userland incorporation and entire installed:
pkg install userland-incorporation entire at 0.5.11-2015.0.2.1

I've checked that at least I can update default OI /dev text installation

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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