[oi-dev] oi-userland categories

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Fri Feb 19 11:27:57 UTC 2016

On 02/19/2016 13:57, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
>> Let's rename some categories so that they more correspond to fmris:
>> archiver # archiver/*, compress/*
>> closed      # closed source components
>> database (database/*, service/database/*)
>> developer (developer/*, library/*)      # development tools and libraries
>> desktop  (desktop/*) # gnome, enlightenment, common tools
>> encumbered
>> font #  (system/font/*, print/filter/ghostscript/fonts/*)
>> games (games/*)
>> image (image/*)
>> input-method (system/input-method)
>> metapackages
>> multimedia (audio/*, video/*)
>> network (serive/network/*, network/*)
>> openindiana # illumos and OI-specific software
>> shell (shell/*)
>> sysutils (security/*, backup/*, test/*, etc)
>> text (text/*)
>> web (web/*)
>> x11 (x11/*)
> This looks good.
> My only remark is that library/ may not live in 'develope'r if we agree
> that 'developer' should only contain development tools while 'library'
> components are in general just providers of functionalities, not limited to
> development. Therefore 'library' could live at the top.
> Also I would like to keep 'scientific'.

Hi, Aurélien.

I agree on library top level category. However, I suppose scientific 
components can live in library and developer to better correlate with fmris.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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