[oi-dev] Switch to python 2.7

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Thu Jul 7 15:43:15 UTC 2016


I'm going to merge https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland/pull/2222 

Efficiently it's:
1) switching all oi-userland python consumers to use python 2.7
2) deliver python 2.7 versions for all python modules which we deliver
3) dropping of several python 2.6 python modules, which are unlikely to 
be used by something besides GUI (and it's switched to 2.7)
4) making python 2.7 default python version on user systems and in 

One thing which is missing is modifying server_install and gui-install 
meta-packages to deliver python 2.7 versions of software on install 
media. This thing is much easier to test when this change is landed.

Another thing to note: we still need python 2.6 for illumos-gate scripts 
and tools, and this sucks...

Reviews and opinions are welcome.
Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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