[oi-dev] [CFT] yelp3

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Thu Jul 28 20:37:13 UTC 2016

Hi there.
We need testers for yelp3. The issue is that Mate uses yelp3 and can't 
work with older one. And yelp2 and yelp3 can't coexist (at least without 
a lot of patching).
So we have to get rather stable yelp 3 to use with both Mate and Gnome 
2. Yelp 3 is gtk 3 application, which uses webkit 2.
There are a lot of chances to mess everything up, so, we want to hear 
some feedback...

To test,
a) ensure that you have the latest hipster (especially I'm interested in 
gnome/theme/nimbus at 0.1.9,5.11-2016.0.0.5 , which corrects one typo in 
nimbus theme)
b) create backup be
# beadm create oi-hipster-my-backup
c) please, add
http://buildzone.oi-build.r61.net:1000/ publisher:
# pkg set-publisher -g http://buildzone.oi-build.r61.net:1000/ userland
# pkg refresh
d) install yelp
# pkg install 
pkg://userland/gnome/help-viewer/[email protected],5.11-2016.0.0.0:20160728T203443Z
e) browse help...

I'm interested in crashes and something looking very ugly...
System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

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