[oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 06:57:35 UTC 2016

On 07/21/16 04:08 AM, Michael Kruger wrote:
> Hello Johan,
> I'm sorry you view the adoption of a Code of Conduct as a slippery
> slope leading to an endless set of rules and regulations. And to
> anyone else feeling this way you have my sympathies as well.
> In my view I see the project is at a turning point and as Adam
> recently pointed out, the current situation is untenable and problematic.

Situation is not problematic at all. what makes you say that?
let's defuse this balloon for a second , being inflated with no reason.

> On many occasions I have heard people vocalize their frustrations
> regarding the inability to get anything done in a public venue. As a
> relatively new member of this community I have often felt that way
> myself.

There is nothing exact like that here explained, but just personal
feelings and personal feelings are putting conversation down on to
personal level.

> I have also seen individual community members try to single handily
> address problematic behaviors by pointing them out in the hope that by
> doing so, the problematic behaviors would cease.
> Each time this occurred, the individual community members gave up in
> frustration. In fact, in a most recent incident, the individual
> community member characterized the remedial exercise as 'rolling a
> large rock up the hill".

There is nothing like that sentence I can find at the moment, so dunno
what you are talking about. What incident??

> As a community, we shouldn't expect each individual community member
> to have to fight this battle themselves, rather I think it should be
> done collectively. The adoption of a sensible CoC helps to achieve that.

It is your problem that you see yourself as being waging a battle
instead of working with others.

> I am sure what everyone wants here is a supportive and inclusive work
> environment where collectively we can do some really neat things.
> But if the work environment is hostile or dysfunctional, and we as a
> community ignore the issues by allowing the behavioral problems to
> continue without any collective action, then it seems to me we are
> effectively telling the community:

Only dysfunctional behavioral problem I see here, is trying to subdue
all community to minority rule for no apparent reason.
And problem not looking at the text that has issues, but just talking
about it indefinitely...

> "Yes, we have some problems, just try ignore them the best you can and
> not become discouraged and leave as a result of them".

Actually not talking about any exact issue nor a problem, but trying to
solve any future issue, only with governing? How solving everything with
governing is called?

> Frankly I get enough of that in my day job. And I don't feel I should
> have to deal with it while volunteering for an open source project.
> In light of this, it's pretty clear we're not going to please everyone
> no matter what direction the project takes. The community may loose
> members either way.

So don't try to replicate your own problems into Openindiana community,
but making problems with dysfunctional operation procedures (secrecy)
and broad sentences bringing more problems.

> Therefore, I see the adoption of a code of conduct as a sensible step
> towards sound project governance, 

It is done in different order to be functional, not rule can be imposed
before creating body that is elected form the people.

It is more important What is inside a document, so actual topic is not
pro et contra,
it is dealing with things in presented text instead.

> which will in the end produce a well managed and supportive work
> environment for all community members.

There is no "magical stick" that will produce that.
There is already very a nice working environment and all benefits and
abilities that can be used to do great things in OI.
It is important to say that it is simply not true that in OI it is hard
to achieve things, at all.
Actually it is easy to achive things, if your 'thing' is for the benefit
ofr the OI.

> I do hope you'll reconsider and remain with the community.

Well, I suppose he can do whatever he wants, but painting OI in black
tones, will not help him .

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