[oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 02:47:59 UTC 2016

On 07/21/16 06:32 PM, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Jul 2016, Nikola M wrote:
>> You can change it further,
>> but the whole point is you can't know what you want if you don't even
>> look at things that are wrong with the current one. It is regarding
>> whole section for "retributals"/tirany-inspired/not tolerable unprecise
>> part.
> I see no problems with lack of precision as long as there are trusted
> people (sufficiently empowered) 

That is exactly what is wrong with it. And what is wrong with judgment.
One can not induce level of uncertainty and obvious have such wide terms
that induce and require tyranny as the norm.
As already explained, it puts "power" in the focus and battle for it,
instead of reasoning and discussing in a sane way over real topics.

> identified in advance who communicate amongst themselves 

This is the second problematic part, it suppose creating cast of rulers
who battle with "power" in between, further taking it apart, just
because some preciseness and unneeded wording injected here.
All "not tolerable" part is injected there to induce in toleration and
not understanding as a norm and that is the pinnacle of trolling. If
everything depends on judgment, then there is no resaon for it to be
Tyranny as a norm - not today.

I am telling being not tolerable toward those spreading non-tolerance
and fascism is good cause.

> when there is a claimed problem 

So it is secretly, without any rules, put in a hand of few, who battle
in between and with the rest fo the people, so it is made in focus over
battling people and not talking about ideas. It sounds like fascist
manifesto/troll heaven to me.

> and come to a decision based on the facts at hand.  

Decision require having rules or at least guidances (and needed ones are
very short), not personal judgment.

Also if person/persons pushing such precise and negative part, do not
see clear problems that are intentionally created by but not really
clear mind, that are created for OI to tare it apart, how to trust a guy
that is so short-sigthed to "rule"??? "Making decisions in hand"  sounds
to me like trolling manifesto injected into OI.

Plus it is put on site like god-given and it can not be used at all
without governing board and members to elect it.
Or someone really thinking that fascist autocracy is a good thing to try
on OI people.

Core Principles and Expectations is there to say something positive to
people and provide guidance, not to enable ruling with the iron fist it
is all wrong to induce governing rules inside COMMUNITY document, that
have nothing to do with statue, operating principles, managerial things,
That whole section is a product of not very sane and short-sighted

> This small group of selected people 

All "groups of selected people" are selected based on functions to be
doing, not selected by the "people" (!)
You are mixing community standards with ruling class fascism.
Democracy and community are going hand in hand, what you are proposing
and supporting in answers is a monstrous regime.

> then act like a judicial panel.  It is impossible to foresee every
> circumstance. 

That is exactly why it is so bad, it is a juvenile look at community

"Problems" that such bad wording is suppose to "solve" are non-existant,
induced and are based on twisting of the reality and painting it black
to facilitate imposter's goals. making problems, so to be able to say
that there are any problems to be solved by "the iron fist".
First creating nonexisting problems and personal power battle and then
solving them with the tyranny if what fascists do.

Actually, using one half of the brain to see the myriad of future
problems it induces is not that hard, using second half of the brain to
actually turn off justice and democracy and actual humanity is what is
very hard.
Intentionally not seeing any problems in it induces the question of
using a brain at all.

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