[oi-dev] Contributing to the development of OpenIndiana

Michael Kruger makruger2000 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 01:06:30 UTC 2016

Hello All,

In the latest iteration of the OpenIndiana FAQ:


It became apparent the list of contribution task entry points was a bit 
outdated. For example, it mentions the distribution constructor, which 
ALP kindly pointed out is no longer used by Hipster.

Upon this discovery I realized this list should be updated.

This post is a solicitation for comments to create a more relevant list.

Here is the actual text from the FAQ:


Here are just some of the many ways you may contribute:

Release engineering - Distribution Constructor


Utilities maintenance - Image Packaging System - pkg[5]

Packaging - oi-userland, 3rd party packaging (SFE, etc.)

Documentation - Handbook, Tutorials, News articles, etc.

OpenIndiana Evangelism - blogging, conferences, etc.

Website Maintenance



For additional details, including links to our github source 
repositories, please see: 


Please provide suggestions for how this can be improved.



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