[oi-dev] P5M dir action and other questions

bentahyr at chez.com bentahyr at chez.com
Thu Mar 24 02:11:44 UTC 2016


I see that I don't have to put dir action in p5m so I was wondering when should I use it and when I shouldn't ?
Should I assume that if a file action point to a directory that doesn't exist, IPS will create the dir ?

I started to package gCompris but it is 267M tar.bz2, so it will be a big package (prototype directory is 355M). Is there any strategy or policy around separating progs from data, from regional data sets ?

I started to package elinks unstable because the v0.11 doesn't work properly, it seems and I have the following issue.
The archive file is elinks-current-0.13.tar.bz2 but once unpacked, the source directory is elinks-0.13-20160323/ (change the date every day). I tried a few tricks in the Makefile but none of them seems to be robust. What would be the proper strategy to tackle the fact that every download might lead to a changing source directory name ?

Finally is there a way to have 2 packages offering the same binaries but you can't install both of them ? The example would be to have 2 packages elinks and elinks-unstable packages both offering /bin/elinks but being unable to install both of them.

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