[oi-dev] Providing icinga2 package

Marianne Spiller marianne at spiller.me
Wed Dec 6 12:29:40 UTC 2017

Hi Aurelien,

> You can base your work on the component I prepared for testing the
> compilation of 2.7.2:

that's the way I'm trying now, after lots of RTFM ;) First test build is
running now. What's the reason you never published 2.7.2?

> I wrote some additional notes to build a maintainer's guide (work in
> progress), you can also have a look at it:
Very helpful, thank you! Lots of information, especially for a newbie
like me.

I'm on freenode, too; when I'm getting stuck, I'll ping you all on
#oi-dev :)


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