[oi-dev] Documentation: epub generation

Benny Lyons benny.lyons at gmx.net
Fri Dec 29 00:46:13 UTC 2017

I've been doing some work on the Systems Administration manual on

To help me, I originally wrote a script to produce pdf output for the
Openindiana docs called makepdf.sh.  I just updated this to also produce
epub output, but this needs some tweaking to produce better looking
output.  (Turns out to be an unfortunate name for the script!)  However,
the epub documentation is quite usable.

I've generated 2 pull requests: one to fix a typo in the script (it
doesn't work with this bug).  I think this should be readily merged.

The second pull request concerns support for epub.

What about generating epub and pdf on the build server?
The uses pandoc (which uses LaTex) to produce pdf and epub, so these
would have to be installed on the build server.


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