[oi-dev] Building install medium with custom illumos

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Fri Dec 8 12:31:49 UTC 2017

On 12/08/17 02:38 PM, Michal Nowak wrote:
> Hello.
> How do I create OpenIndiana install medium with custom illumos packages?
> I built illumos with two Xen patches sent to illumos devel ml for a review and
> pointed pkd.depot to the built packages (/usr/lib/pkg.depotd -d
> /ws/illumos-gate/packages/i386/nightly/repo.redist -p 10000).
> These are the changes I did in slim_minimal_X86.xml
> <https://paste.ec/paste/WtFORIAh#byqTjNqCf0fQsNYqLpj1gBflN+dXukDbuP+E9+gPuAa>:
> <pkg_repo_addl_authority>
>       <main
>           url="http://localhost:10000/"
>           authname="on-nightly"/>
> </pkg_repo_addl_authority>
> and
> <packages>
>       <!-- <pkg name="pkg:/entire"/> -->
>       <pkg name="pkg://on-nightly/consolidation/osnet/osnet-incorporation"/>
>       <pkg name="pkg:/minimal_install"/>
>       <pkg name="pkg:/system/install/text-install"/>
>       <pkg name="pkg:/system/install/media/internal"/>
> </packages>

You'll have (at least) 2 problems.
1) The one you have is easy to solve. Your repository should be first in 
repository list (in  pkg_repo_default_authority section).
2) The second one is that we replace some packages from 
osnet-incorporation (and from repository) - see
. You'd like to remove, for example, ssh packages, delivered by 

Perhaps, it's easier to use oi-userland reciept to build illumos-gate, 
so that you'll have all OI customizations applied to illumos-gate 
packages and do use oi-userland repository as pkg_repo_default_authority.

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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