[oi-dev] FOSDEM 2017 hackathon

Adam Števko adam.stevko at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 08:55:58 UTC 2017


as you all know FOSDEM 2017 is organized during the first weekend in February, which is almost in two weeks' time. There will be a gathering of almost all OI developers.

We will have 2 days of time available for hacking and discussions. I would like us to make the maximum use of this time and leverage the fact that there will be a huge presence of OI developers to work on projects that will benefit from having all these people available literally next to you.
For that reason, I would like to do some small planning in advance, so we know what projects we will be able to finish during this time / move *significantly* forward. I would like us to avoid working on projects, which are one man's work (those can be done anytime).

I would also like to encourage people, who are not attending FOSDEM and will be available during that time to engage. With more people, we are able to do more things!

I would also like to hear your feedback on this and propose projects, which you think should be finished / worked on. Also, if you need access to more build resources, please let me know in advance. I might have one spare VM for builds / testing.

For myself, I know that Jim and I will be working on the build system.

I would also like this thread to stay on topic.
With good organization, we are able to deliver good results. 



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