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Exactly, Toomas

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I would suspect the surface is only doing uefi boot.


On 25. jaan 2017, at 2:09, Ali Muhammed Patrash <uniapi at outlook.com<mailto:uniapi at outlook.com>> wrote:

Hello Everybody<OutlookEmoji-?.png>

I did install Open Indiana on desktop PCs not once...
But when I am trying to boot from the same bootable usb on Surface Book...
Black flash appears and then Windows starts loading...
To be sure that I did everything right... I tried to boot from CentOS bootable usb and everything is o.k. I was able to use mouse on the installation screen without keyboard as there's no drive even in Ubuntu for Surface Book keyboard...

So can't do but nothing...
Could anybody help to deal with this issue and also to make it possible to dual boot with Windows 10?

Best Regards

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