[oi-dev] Installing nVidia drivers produces error

Jean-Pierre André jean-pierre.andre at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 31 08:32:02 UTC 2017

Ren Kararou wrote:
> Hey guys, running the Solaris nVidia drivers installer (384.59) produces
> errors while removing /var/sadm/pkg/NVDAgraphics (and if it got there,
> probably also NVDAgraphicsr).  I will happily send an error log upon
> request, but I would love some help with the issue.

As my nvidia graphics card is not supported by Hipster,
I had to use an older driver designed for Solaris.
I first had to uninstall the one shipped with Hipster, then
unpack the package for Solaris, and start its installer :

pkg uninstall pkg:/driver/graphics/nvidia \
sh ./NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-304.125.run -x
cd NVIDIA-Solaris-x86-304.125
sh ./install

However this driver (and more recent ones) is not
compatible with recent Hipster, so I cannot upgrade
any more...

> Thanks,
> Ren
> --
> The Universe
> 辛狼蓮

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