[oi-dev] Please Zip compress the USB downloads from OI

John Howard echosoft.llc at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 17:15:47 UTC 2018

Yesterday I downloaded the minimal USB.  I am in USA, not Europe or Asia,
so I did not choose an alternative mirror for the download.  Average speed
was modem circa 1990 around 56 Kb/s.  It took almost 3 hours.  Okay, if
that is how it is now.

The problem is, out of curiousity, I compressed the downloaded minimal USB
file 25% using Zip.
Similar savings result for the 2 GiB Live USB down to 1.6 GiB.

It would be great if OI stopped releasing separate USB images from now on
anyhow.  I recall that Toomas in April was building a hybrid ISO for USB.
Can we just go forward with that solution, compressed of course?

Thanks for your work.

-- John
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