[oi-dev] Rust in userland?

Till Wegmüller toasterson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 07:01:00 UTC 2018


Could you use an earlier version of Rust as bootstrap for the current rust?

There should be a guide for rust bootstraping around on the internet.

You can look at golang 1.8 how bootstraping with an earlier version works.

The Reason for that is, that we build all packages on a buildserver with
jenkins. Where we will not install pkgsrc packages.

Can you also check platform support? Last I remember solarish systems
where a secondary platform and required patches.

In any case when you need a reviewer just tag me on github i'll gladly
take a look.

Thanks and Greetings

On 13.08.2018 22:39, Michal Nowak wrote:
> Hi,
> it seems that rust lang is needed for compilation of Thunderbird 60 and
> Firefox 60 ESR. Did anyone worked on rust component for userland?
> If not, I thought on packaging it (and cargo) from scratch using
> pkgsrc's Makefile and Joyent's rust in binary pkgsrc as rust is needed
> for building itself.
> Michal
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