[oi-dev] GCC error building pkg on SPARC

Gary Mills gary_mills at fastmail.fm
Wed Jun 6 12:45:12 UTC 2018

On Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 10:51:49AM -0500, Gary Mills wrote:
> I'm attempting to build the pkg package on a T2000 (SPARC).  I get
> this error on the first compile:
>     gcc: may not use both -m32 and -m64
> Apparently, x86 builds do not have this problem because gcc on x86
> allows both architecture arguments, even though they conflict.
> It should be removing the first `-m32' when it adds `-m64' to the
> command line, and restoring it afterwards.

This turns out to be the wrong place to make this change.  That's
because the `-m32' argument is not in the ext.extra_compile_args
list.  It's in the initial portion of the command line, which is
taken from the 32-bit python Makefile.  I suppose that distutils
should be using the 64-bit Makefile instead.

I don't know how to accomplish this either.

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