[oi-dev] lightdm-gtk-greeter and exo-csource

Michal Nowak mnowak at startmail.com
Tue Jun 26 20:19:20 UTC 2018


can it be the simplest (even if temporary and hackish) solution to 
prepare a patch outside OpenIndiana and just apply it in our build system?

I removed 'osd' style from glade and regenerated 
lightdm-gtk-greeter-ui.h like this (as seen in Makefile.am) on Linux:

exo-csource --static --strip-comments --strip-content 
--name=lightdm_gtk_greeter_ui lightdm-gtk-greeter.glade > 

I applied the patch and published to my userland repo, installed to GZ 
and the only difference I see is that the top panel is now back to the 
old whitish color from transparent dark blue. But I use GTK 3.22.30, 
your mileage may vary.

See the patch attached. I am happy to prepare PR based on this, if we 
find this path viable.

lightdm-gtk-greeter-css-fallback.h and 
lightdm-gtk-greeter-css-application.h did not change during a similar 


On 06/26/18 05:35 PM, Пыхалов Александр Владимирович via oi-dev wrote:
> Hi.
> I've been fighting with lightdm-gtk-greeter as after last update it
> looks ugly .
> It seems in lightdm-gtk-greeter.glade "osd" style should be removed
> and lightdm-gtk-greeter-2.0.5/src/lightdm-gtk-greeter-ui.h should be
> regenerated. To regenerate it, I need exo-csource, which is a part of
> https://github.com/xfce-mirror/exo, which has several XFCE
> dependencies.
> I see several options: - create components for all XFCE dependencies
> and exo (a lot of mostly useless work); - create component just for
> exo-csource  (this can be just a really small component, and it can
> even be renamed if we want to avoid conflict with full exo library); 
> - compile it manually and create patches to generated files.
> So far I think about second approach as it is not extremely rude, but
> allows to minimise time spent on it. What do you think?
> Best regards, Alexander Pyhalov, system administrator of Southern
> Federal University IT department
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