[oi-dev] oi-docs: mdl syntax checker failing will cause all new doc contributions to fail

Benny Lyons benny.lyons at gmx.net
Tue Oct 9 04:44:50 UTC 2018

I did some work on the documentation and created a pull request on
oi-docs, https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-docs/pull/97.

I noticed that the build was failing. The mdl syntax checker reported 
MD046 Code Block Style errors. However, my local mdl did not report any 
such errors. After updating my mdl from 0.4 to 0.5, I was able to obtain
the same errors.

The errors were occurring in older files not originating from me, so
these errors occur on the build server on master and will generally
cause _any_ new documentation builds to fail, causing a block for all
new documentation contributions.

The Code Block Style has somehow changed. I've provided a work-around by
editing the older documentation and committed the work-around to my pull
request (I should really create a new work-around for this and can do if
someone should desire.) The work-around does not indent the code block,
rather the code block is flush to the left margin, but the syntax
checker succeeds.  So this should be investigated and fixed later.

My build is still failing, haven't investigated, but it looks like that
there are some stale links that require attention.


Benny Lyons <benny.lyons at gmx.net>

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