[oi-dev] Packages only in the main repository

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Oct 24 17:52:19 UTC 2018

In addition to the ones I mentioned in the other mail, here's some
notes on the rest:

On 10/24/18 05:39 AM, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
> Hi,
> this list contains packages installed on my system that cannot be published from 
> oi-userland:
> developer/macro/cpp
 > system/library/c++/sunpro

These would have been in the devpro consolidation in OpenSolaris.

> driver/network/ce

This was the Cassini Ethernet driver for old SPARC systems, I don't
remember if source ever got published.

> library/desktop/gtk1
> library/glib1

These versions have been deprecated for almost two decades now.
The last thing I remember using them was the old Netscape browser,
prior to the move to Mozilla.

> library/medialib

Source was available once upon a time:

> system/font/truetype/arphic-uming


> system/font/truetype/hanyang-ko-core

This is currently marked as closed source unfortunately.

> system/font/truetype/ipafont


> system/font/truetype/lohit


> system/font/xorg/iso8859-1
> system/font/xorg/xorg-core


> x11/compatibility/links-svid


> x11/library/dps
> x11/library/libowconfig
> x11/library/toolkit/libxaw4
> x11/library/toolkit/libxaw5
> x11/network/rstart

We obsoleted all these in Solaris 11.4 - you could find sources in the
history of the solaris-xorg gate if you really wanted them, but you
probably don't unless you know of specific old Solaris binaries you
want to provide binary compatibility for (like JDK 1.0 for instance).

Alternatively you can find the history entries to obsolete them in the
current solaris-userland gate.


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