[oi-dev] 2018.10 targets

Michal Nowak mnowak at startmail.com
Sat Sep 29 07:01:44 UTC 2018

On 09/28/18 10:41 AM, Alexander Pyhalov via oi-dev wrote:
> Hi, folks.
> We are approaching October. While I have limited time now, I want to
> coordinate priorities and targets, what should we do till end of
> October (and due to personal reasons, I'd better announce snapshot
> till 20 October or earlier or allow someone else to do this).
> We have several regressions and problems, which would be good to
> fix.
> 1) Virtualbox failure after FPU changes
> https://www.illumos.org/issues/9761 ,
> https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/17947 is a serious one, but I'm
> afraid I lack skills to fix it in reasonable time. The stack trace
> itself doesn't seem related to illumos-gate changes, but likely it
> is. In KVM Joyent fixed this using new hma_fpu_* API, but Virtualbox
> structures to store VM registers differ and from brief overlook it
> has several asm functions to store/restore Host/Base registers state.
> So far I don't have an idea how convert one to another. So, this
> likely will be broken in 2018.10 unless someone skillful dig into
> this.
> 2) sbcl issues - threaded sbcl can not be built after KPTI changes,
> it fails FLOCK and posix tests. Needs investigation. It's a serious
> issue, because threaded sbcl is needed to build pgloader.
> 3) Our Mate is a bit old, but newer Mate requires updated GTK3 .
> Updated GTK3 IIRC has dropped support for theme engines, and so our
> Nimbus theme based on unico engine doesn't work. Also I've heard
> there were issues with new mate-terminal. Michal, do you have some
> comments here?

I run MATE 1.20 as seen in the PR and it works fine but:

(1) Nimbus theme. I stick to "Traditional" theme.

(2) Pluma text editor's text area blinks annoyingly. Might be an 
Intel-only issue. Upstream issue reported.

(3) MATE Terminal requires new vte library which does not work for us. 
 From my investigation I noticed that some #ifdef __sun were removed 
from newer vte. Also I haven't seen new vte for non-Linux OS (pkgsrc, 
BSDs, ...).

I don't think I am able to do anything about those.

> 4) As for new features, I really want to see KVM zones, perhaps, I'll
> dig into this shortly.
> Does somebody have another targets/comments?

I will work on openQA tests for them to be in shape for the snapshot and 
test the images once test-snapshot is available.

Also I had some progress with Meson but can't promise this.


> Please, avoid turning this topic in bike-shedding, I want to hear OI
> developers in a way "I ll take item #N" or "I expect to finish
> feature A before snapshot", not "please, also fix this and that".
> Best regards, Alexander Pyhalov, system administrator of Southern
> Federal University IT department
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