[oi-dev] suspend/resume in Illumos

randyf at sibernet.com randyf at sibernet.com
Tue Jun 11 18:07:21 UTC 2019

I have a question for developers here:

    How important is suspend/resume for OI/Illumos (including S4)?

One of the incomplete projects left behind was S4 (lack of need, and a 
hard to identify bug stifled it's integration).  It is non-trivial, and 
needs updated s/r core code (added configuration and significant 
restructuring, as well as likely assistance from developers knowlegable in 
other Illumos internals), but if this is an uninteresting feature, it is 
likey not worth the effort (recent bugs suggest that few if anyone use 
it); however, it wouldn't be too hard to resurect (though would still take 
several months of work).


 	---- Randy

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