[oi-dev] component TODO list for perl components?

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Mon Jun 24 02:24:33 UTC 2019

I've been considering packaging the latest stable perl5, 5.30.0, as
perl-530 and then packaging (and in some cases, updating) the perl
modules that are part of hipster, but I want to make certain I'm not
working at cross-purposes to any planned updates for OI and that this
type of update is actually useful.

There's a checklist of small/easy changes to make when updating a


but is there a list of the bigger packaging tasks, perhaps prioritized by
need?  Obviously people volunteering their time are going to work on
things that interest them, benefit them, and are within their ability,
but at times it would be helpful to know what the most pressing packaging
needs are.

I'm happy to continue choosing components kind of at random to update, but
if I have a list of easy (but perhaps tedious) packaging tasks that are
priorities for update in OI, I would probably attempt some of them as I
have time, especially if it frees up more time for core contributors to
work on the more difficult tasks.

Does a list like that exist?  Those types of things tend to go stale fast,
so I understand if there isn't one.

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