[oi-dev] Am I stuck?

Gary Mills gary_mills at fastmail.fm
Wed Jun 26 00:31:04 UTC 2019

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 11:01:31PM +0200, Volker A. Brandt wrote:
> So it appears that pkg does not recognize the fact that version
> 0.5.11-2018.0.0.0:20190623T223519Z is newer than version
> 0.5.11-0.151100:20160727T071237Z -- correct?

I don't think that that is the problem.  Consider this transcript:

    # pkg update -nv
    Changed packages:
    v9os -> oi-userland
        1.28-0.151100 -> 1.29-2018.0.0.0
        1.0.6-0.151100 -> 1.0.6-2018.0.0.3
        1.6-0.151100 -> 1.9-2018.0.0.0

The version numbers were the same for the last two packages.

> > When I tried to remove the incorporation with pkg, I got this result:
> [...]
> I don't think that you are supposed to be able to remove the package
> altogether.  You should, hovewer, be able to update it.

That's close to working.  I should be able to make it work.
Here's this one:

    # pkg update -nv pkg://oi-userland/consolidation/osnet/osnet-inco...
    Creating Plan (Solver setup): \
    pkg update: No matching version of consolidation/osnet/osnet-incorporation can be installed:
      Reject:  pkg://oi-userland/consolidation/osnet/[email protected]
      Reason:  No version matching 'incorporate' dependency SUNWcs at 0.5.11-2018.0.0.0 can be installed
        Reject:  pkg://oi-userland/[email protected]
        Reason:  No version matching 'require' dependency system/network/mailwrapper can be installed
          Reject:  pkg://oi-userland/system/network/[email protected]
          Reason:  No version for 'require' dependency on system/mta can be found
          Reject:  pkg://v9os/system/network/[email protected]
          Reason:  Excluded by proposed incorporation 'consolidation/osnet/osnet-incorporation'

> Do you also have an "entire" package?  If so, what version does it
> have?

No, I don't have that package.

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