[oi-dev] Gobject-introspection works only for 64-bit

Alexander Pyhalov alp at sfedu.ru
Mon Jul 20 06:00:08 UTC 2020

We have an interesting issue. Our Pythons 3 are 64-bit only. And gobject-introspection requires Python 3.
So, anything using 32-bit python 2.7 (the default python2.7 interpreter) can't longer use gobject-introspection and gobject module.
Affected components include:

some ansible modules - should switch ansible to Python 3
dbus-python - likely just have to drop Python 2.7 module (just 32-bit version or both?) 
gnomedesktop.py salt module - not really important, but likely should switch salt to py3
parts of ipython2.7 - should deliver 64-bit only ipython2.7
ldtp - should drop 2.7 version?
pygobject-3 - should drop 2.7 version (just 32-bit version or both?) 
pygobject  - should drop 2.7 version (just 32-bit version or both?) 
parts of twisted 
terminator - should update to py3 version

So far I don't think that dropping python 2.7 completely is an option, as there are still applications, requiring it at least for build.
We can consider delivering only 64-bit python 2.7 version, but this will break a lot of consumers, and I don't think that this worth the effort.

С уважением,
Александр Пыхалов,
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