[oi-dev] How many CPUs does OI support?

Till Wegmueller toasterson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 11:34:03 UTC 2021

Hey Chris

Considering we are coming from the SPARC side which lately went beyond a 
thousand cores, I have never heard of us having a limit. And Joyent had 
some beasts of Xeon's with smartOS which we simply ride along for 
support as illumos-gate has those patches IIRC.

If you are using OLD KVM Vm's before 1.3 you will need to specify 
sockets instead of cores, due to a bug, but otherwise you are good.

And if there is a limit I think that classifies as bug! So I support 
upstreaming a fix to get that sorted.


On 08.01.21 04:53, Chris wrote:
> I'm looking to help building packages. Both current, as
> well as newer versions. I have a large server farm. But
> primarily BSD based. As such I'm looking into a new build
> box, based on an Opteron or Xeon. So before I take the
> plunge. I was hoping to add as many CPU/cores as possible.
> Which begs the question: haw many CPUs does OI support?
> Thank you for all your time, and consideration.
> --Chris

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