[oi-dev] Porting of the Epiphany Browser

Hung Nguyen Gia gh_origin at zohomail.com
Sun Jan 10 02:53:21 UTC 2021

More detail:

Packages needed to install on OI: gcc-10 cmake ninja meson git pkg-config vala

Environment variable to set: export PKG_CONFIG_PATH='/usr/lib/64/pkgconfig'

We're doing a 64 bit build. I don't know why, but gobject-introspection is not available on/usr/lib/pkgconfig, so we forced to do a 64 bit build

Get the latest 3.x release of them:



Follow the build instructions.

mkdir build && cd build

CC='gcc -m64' CXX='g++ -m64' meson ..

ninja --verbose

The error will be straight forward of you.

It's a compilation error. So your patch of the linker part doesn't help.

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