[oi-dev] Shipping the nano editor alongside with vi

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Mon Jan 11 20:59:32 UTC 2021

On Mon, 11 Jan 2021, Chris wrote:
> While vim(1) is my "goto" editor, and vi(1) really isn't difficult. My 
> frustration
> comes in the fact that each OS implements a different version, with different
> keyboard macros. Which quickly made ee(1) my goto when I was working in a
> "constrained" env (like dropping to single-user), and just needed to make 
> some
> simple edit(s). BTW I'm the maintainer for ee(1) on FreeBSD. ;-)

I have not tried 'ee'.  The biggest gripe I have with 'vim' is that it 
is way too fancy by default.  For example, I often copy and paste 
using the mouse (especially for system administration purposes) but 
'vim' detects a mouse and prevents simple copy and paste of text from 
one window to another. The wiz-bang features can be disabled but this 
is problematic when one is configuring a new system.  It is necessary 
to fix the editor configuration (perhaps using cat to a file rather 
than an editor) before the editor is usable.

Other problems I have is with editors (e.g. vim) and commands which 
"colorize" everything.  There seems to be an implicit assumption 
regarding the background color (maybe black?).  But I have already set 
my default background color to a light background which is pleasing 
for my old eyes and then I can barely make out the text on the screen.

It would be good if fresh systems would default to fewer quirky 
wiz-bang features yet allow them to easily be enabled for a Linux-like 

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