[oi-dev] boot problems: KPTI enabled (PCID in use, INVPCID not supported)

Chris oidev at bsdos.info
Tue Jan 12 18:12:45 UTC 2021

OK I've been attempting to install the MATE desktop. I
used pkg install mate_install. Which (seemingly) gave me
everything I required. I created
/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/driver-intel.conf with everything
required to get X to find the card. X starts, and Xorg.0.log
seems to indicate everything is recognized. So I created
a ~/.xinitrc file containing: mate-session
I fired off a startx which gave me a light grey screen and
nothing else. I waited some 4 minutes, then tapped the
power button to signal OI to kill everything, and reboot.
Upon reboot I encounter a stalled boot at:

KPTI enabled (PCID in use, INVPCID not supported)

hardware: i5 3360 3rd gen Ivy Bridge

Thanks in advance for any insight into this.


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